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Community - ke'myoondede


  • a unified odd of individuals living in the same place, having a particular characteristics in common. or practicing common ownership
  • body of nations or state unified by common interests. 

Culture believes in giving back to those less fortunate in the community. We do it to continue to humble ourselves and spread love. Love is at the basis of everything that exist in this universe so it is something we must continue to give.

The two areas of this world that we are most passionate about are those of the youth and education. Culture focuses it's energy in community events in which these two areas benefit.

Previous community events include:

"Coats for Culture" Coat Drive - November 2014

Collected and donated 280 coats to the Fresno Women and Children Rescue Mission, Povorello House Fresno, and the Keenan Community Center of Huron.

McLane High School Book Drive - April 2015

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